Located between the Alentejo and Algarve, the new Cerro Mouro eco-resort with 24 rooms - including villas, townhouses and apartments – will be developed.

The Cerro Mouro real estate project will be located in the village of Barão de São João, in the Southwest of the Algarve, and presents a “constructive concept totally oriented towards environmental sustainability, enhanced by its unique location - on the border of the Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park and Costa Vicentina”, reads a statement.

By the end of 2024, it is estimated that the construction of the 24 luxury eco homes on Cerro Mouro will be completed. In all, there are nine independent houses, nine two-storey townhouses and six apartments, to which six more semi-commercial spaces and studios are added.

The building of the development is divided into four zones, each one designed to integrate the different types of housing. Among the common spaces there will be a natural amusement park for children, a large lake, community gardens, forest and orchards.

“This venture arose from a passion, mine and my family's, for this place: a space away from everything, where the countryside meets the sea and the four seasons of the year are experienced intensely. Where you can relax, be active, creative, work alone, cooperate or just spend your days by the ocean and celebrate. A place where children can play, where they can run freely, safely, and together relearn the rhythms of nature”, said Dave Hemminga, founder of CO Cerro Mouro.