According to a report by Correio da Manhã, the orcas attacked a ten-metre sailboat on Monday (29 August) and a second sailboat on Tuesday (30 August).

"The vessel reported the interaction directly to the Navy, reporting minor damage to the rudder. They continued their navigation without the need for support", explained Captain Rui Silva Filipe about the incident on Monday.

On Tuesday, a Portuguese sailboat had to be towed as a group of “four or five orcas” damaged the rudder to such an extent that the vessel “was left without steering.” The three men on the sailboat were not injured.

This summer, "six interactions with orcas off Sines" have already been reported to the authorities.

In the summer, orcas chase schools of tuna that travel from northern Spain to the Mediterranean and, therefore, are found on the Portuguese coast. In September they return to the Atlantic.