More than half of the electricity generated in Portugal in the first eight months of the year came from renewable sources, placing Portugal once again as the fourth country in Europe with the highest incorporation of renewables in electricity generation, behind Norway, Austria and Denmark, which obtained 99.3%, 80.5% and 77.2% of their electricity, respectively, from renewable sources.

According to the renewable electricity bulletin prepared by the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN), 27,822 gigawatts/hour (GWh) of electricity were generated in Portugal from January to August 2022, of which 54.6% were from renewable sources.

In the month of August, 3,169 GWh of electricity were generated, of which 46.8% came from renewable sources — 10.4% less compared to August 2021. This drop, explains APREN, results from the “decrease in the hydraulicity index, which resulted in a sharp decrease in water production”.

“It should also be noted that water production and the maximum percentage of storage in dams reached minimum values ​​compared to the same period in the last 10 years, which contributed to an increase in production from fossil sources”, informs the report. In August, the incorporation of fossil fuels (natural gas) in electricity generation was 49.7%, while between January and August 2022, this value was situated at 40.6%.