The "September - suicide prevention month" campaign aims to "raise awareness of the population to the issue of suicide" a problem that CHUA classifies as "relevant in the Algarve" through exhibitions, distribution of pamphlets and lectures, among other activities.

In a statement, the hospital said the programme aims to "promote awareness of the role that each person, local authorities and different community structures can have in preventing suicide and mental illness".

After the placement of banners and the opening of exhibitions alluding to the subject in Faro and Portimão hospital units, as well as the distribution of leaflets in Portimão, Lagoa and Monchique, the campaign continued today with a session on "mental health promotion for the senior population" in Portimão.

"These actions in the community also aim to contribute to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness," stressed the campaign organisation, highlighting that the initiative was prepared by the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

CHUA stressed that the campaign takes place in partnership with the National Mental Health Plan, the Portuguese Society of Suicidology, the National Plan for Suicide Prevention, the Local Health Plan ACES Barlavento and the Regional Mental Health Coordination.

On Monday, a solidarity concert will take place at the auditorium of Portimão Museum, with Paulo Viegas and Escola de Música Novas Artes, which will precede the debate "Building Suicide Prevention in the Community", scheduled for Tuesday, at the auditorium of Lagos City Hall, indicated the CHUA.

In addition to the delivery of pamphlets scheduled for Lagoa (on the 21 September), a debate is also planned on 23 September at the auditorium of the CHUA's Faro unit, open to employees and focusing on the subject of suicide.

On the 23 September, Lagoa will also host, at the Carlos Paredes auditorium, the debate "Building Suicide Prevention in the Community", and on the 29th, in Monchique, an awareness session on themes such as "Depression", "Suicide Prevention", "Stigma" and "Mental Health Promotion", at the Manuel Nascimento Primary School, the organisation said.

The campaign ends on the 30th, in the auditorium of the CHUA's Portimão unit, with a "closing session" and a "cultural moment and various performances", he added.

The same source also announced that on 10 October, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the Portuguese Youth Institute (IPDJ), in Faro, will host a "session for the youth community" that will focus on themes such as "Psychosis: warning signs and prevention", or "Digital/technological addictions".

CHUA also mentioned that, throughout the month of September, its users will be able to see "informative messages broadcast on screens in waiting rooms" and have access to "informative leaflets made available by professionals" on the subject of suicide and mental health.