A new study by idealista has found that only 21 percent of homes for rent in Portugal cost less than €750 per month.

Cheapest places to rent

The idealista report found that there are some places in Portugal where rents under €750 are plentiful. In Castelo Branco and Bragança, all houses advertised for rent cost less than this amount. Next is Guarda, where 75 percent of rents are less than €750 per month, Santarém (64 percent), Vila Real (63 percent), Ponta Delgada (60 percent), Viseu (60 percent), Coimbra (58 percent) and Leiria (54 percent).

At the other end of the spectrum is Lisbon where only 2 percent of properties placed on the residential rental market have prices below €750 per month. Funchal (7 percent), Faro (11 percent), Porto (12 percent), Braga (16 percent), Setúbal (27 percent), Aveiro (32 percent) and Viana do Castelo (46 percent) also have less than half of the offer of houses for rent with values ​​below €750 per month.