“Although the end of the pandemic has not yet been declared, the positive evolution of the epidemiological pattern of the disease in Portugal justifies the interruption of the operation of the Stayaway Covid system”.

The same message also indicates that the application and its support servers will no longer be available, with the suggestion to "uninstall the app" on users' mobile phones.

Stayaway Covid was a voluntary mobile application that, through physical proximity between 'smartphones', made it possible to anonymously track covid-19 contagion networks, informing users who were, in the last 14 days, in the same space as someone infected with the coronavirus that causes covid-19.

The application was launched in September 2020, even before vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 appeared, but four months after its entry into operation, only about 12,000 positive case codes had been generated, in a universe of over 500,000 infections registered in the country at the time.

On the day of its launch, the Government considered that installing the Stayaway Covid application on mobile phones was a "civic duty" to stop the pandemic while there was no vaccine.