According to INSA's weekly report on the evolution of covid-19, the Rt - which estimates the number of secondary cases of infection resulting from each person carrying the virus - increased slightly from 1.02 to 1.06 at the national level.

According to the document, the seven regions of the country now have an Rt greater than 1, with the highest being in Madeira (1.40), followed by the Azores (1.31), the Algarve (1.11), Lisbon and Tagus Valley (1.08), the North (1.06), the Alentejo (1.04) and the Centre (1.01).

The Alentejo was the only region that maintained the Rt value in relation to the previous week, with the remaining six regions registering an increase in the average value of this indicator.

INSA also mentions that the average number of daily cases for five days also increased, from 2,642 to 2,952 at the national level, being slightly lower on the continent (2,784).

Despite this increase, the average of new daily infections remains one of the lowest recorded throughout this year.

The highest occurred at the end of January, when 49,795 cases were reported over an average of five days.