I’ve always been more prone to languages, so there was very little brain space left for numbers. As if they can’t co-exist! But life had its ways of teaching me that numbers can tell stories, just like words do.

And would you know, today I’m advising you to use numbers to track your Portuguese. What to track is a great clue to what you should be doing on a daily basis:

• Listening: podcasts, YouTube, TV shows, films, documentaries

• Reading: look around (in person or online; get creative!)

• Writing: don’t overlook the power of writing

• Speaking & Pronunciation: the ultimate goal, right?

• Grammar: haha, thought I’d leave it out, did you?

If someone asks you how long you’ve been learning Portuguese, let the numbers speak for you:

“A total of 5391 hours in 3 months” will shut anyone up; or leave them dumbfounded at the very least. And you didn’t even have to prove anything by saying something in Portuguese.

Take my word for it: start tracking!

If you have enjoyed this quick lesson and would like to learn more Portuguese outside of the box, then please contact Catarina from The Language Unschool - catarina@thelanguageunschool.com