This family restaurant has many years of history and is renowned for the quality of its gastronomy alongside its impeccable service, making clients always feel at home.

Co-owner and manager of Figueiral Restaurant, Ivan Gomes, who is the son of Cláudia and José, told The Portugal News that on the 19th of September they hosted an intimate event to celebrate 35 years of Figueiral and pay tribute to the “successful path that my parents have built up over all these years in which their restaurant stands out in Almancil for their welcoming family atmosphere that have continued to maintain since its opening.”

To celebrate 35 years in business, Figueiral hosted a tribute event where family, clients who they call friends and business owners came together to celebrate 35 years of success whilst enjoying the delicious Figueiral menu paired with delightful regional wines.

Ivan told The Portugal News he wanted to pay tribute to his parents who dedicated their whole lives to the restaurant business. Further adding that “Those who dedicate their lives to catering end up depriving their social and personal life. There is a great deal of commitment needed and not everyone can do this. There has to be dedication and a pre-disposition. It is thanks to the work that my parents have put into Figueiral to make it what it is today.”

Figueiral honoured with the Medal of the City

Ivan revealed that “Figueiral restaurant received the Medal of the City by Almancil which was a really special moment which recognised of all their hard work.” He added that “We were very happy to have received this honour” following their involvement in the community by helping various institutions in Almancil by providing food and meals during the pandemic, including Almancil police station and that it was beautiful to share this moment with those who support us”.

Tribute Video

At the event, Ivan presented a touching tribute video that he put together which illustrates the story of Figueiral and portrayed his father, José Luis’s family values and how they have maintained them to this day. The warming video highlights the family business and its history as well as their recipe for success. Ivan told The Portugal News that “it was an opportunity to honour all the hard work and dedication that my parents have done but it also looks from my perspective of how I see Figueiral in the future.”

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