The city of Lisbon appears in second place in the Post Office Travel Money’s “City Costs Barometer” ranking as the cheapest European city for a city break, after comparing the 20 European cities that UK tourists named as their main choices for a city break.

In the “City Costs Barometer”, the Portuguese capital appears behind Athens, indicating the analysis that, for the first time in 15 years, city breaks in Western Europe are cheaper than their counterparts further east.

The cost for a break in Lisbon, for a weekend stay (two days) in a three-star hotel, with a dinner for two people and some activities, is £218 pounds (about €248). However, the analysis of the Post Office Travel Money barometer states that “prices in the Portuguese capital have risen 21 percent since last year, with the cost of two nights' accommodation rising from £73 (just over €85) in September 2021 to the current £115 (about €130)”.

Lisbon also appears in second place when analysing the (lowest) price for a (three-course) meal, with a price of £41 (about €47).

Among the top 10 of the “City Costs Barometer” are the following cities: Krakow (Poland) 249 euros; Riga (Latvia), 251 euros; Budapest (Hungary), 252 euros; Prague (Czech Republic), 283 euros; Madrid (Spain), 340 euros; Berlin (Germany), 361 euros; Dubrovnik (Croatia), 362 euros; and Rome (Italy), 395 euros.