Lisbon is home to numerous real estate projects, but of all of these projects none has ever been designed to be a true Lisbon neighbourhood, one that will become part of historic Lisbon in the future. The new Campo Novo project is completely different, and like a traditional neighbourhood, it offers a blend of residential, office and retail buildings.

This project aims to create a new, pioneering point of attraction in the city, which will lead Lisbon residents to look to the continuation of Campo Grande as a new area of ​​choice to live, work, eat out, stroll, shop or simply hang out. The goal is that, in a few years, its residents will say “I am from Campo Novo”, just as those who grew up in Alfama or Alcântara say today that they are from those neighbourhoods.

Campo Novo also expands Lisbon's central axis beyond the Campo Grande garden. This is an axis that begins at Terreiro do Paço, passes through Marquês de Pombal, Avenidas Novas and currently stops at Campo Grande. The position that Lisbon has had in the world and its development has pushed the city to reinvent itself on an urban level, extending its centrality in new directions and offering new urban infrastructures to its inhabitants.

Promoted by NORFIN, a leading Portuguese company in property investment management, the new Alfacinha neighbourhood promises to revolutionise the Campo Grande area. It combines the proximity, typical of Lisbon's neighbourhoods, to the modernity of contemporary cities, while embracing technology and sustainability.

For Francisco Sottomayor, Norfin's Chief Executive Officer: “This is a historic project as it is the first renovated neighbourhood in the city centre. Campo Novo will bring to Lisbon a new concept of the neighbourhood, a renovated and vibrant residential, business and commercial hub, and to Campo Grande a centrality and experience of a large square, which invites residents and the entire surroundings to enjoy a space which combines housing, work, restaurant and retail areas”.

The 80,000 m2 development foresees the construction of three residential buildings (30,300 m2) and four office buildings (37,600 m2) linked by a commercial area with 11,100 m2, with around 19 stores, 15 restaurants and 7 kiosks, in which the proximity of traditional commerce and the convenience of current retail will coexist. It also includes 20,000m2 of gardens, a bike path and more than 2,200 parking spaces.


The three residential buildings, designed by the architectural firm Saraiva e Associados, have 245 apartments with a balcony, from T1 to T4, with sales prices starting at €380,000. The floor plans have flexible and model internal layouts.

The apartments are located in exclusive condominiums, with a swimming pool, rooftop, co-work rooms, kid’s club, gym and direct access to the shopping area. To promote green mobility, there will be places for charging electric vehicles and parking for bicycles.


Located in a consolidated area of ​​offices and with access to a wide range of public transport, Campo Novo will enable the expansion of Lisbon's Central Business District. It provides for the construction of a total gross area of ​​37,600m2, spread over four LEED Gold certified buildings designed by Sonae Sierra's Reify Office.

It aims to attract national and multinational companies looking for avant-garde, sustainable offices, with natural light and a complete offer of amenities, which respond to new trends in work.


With an area of ​​11,100m2 and managed by Sonae Sierra, the commercial area will be the link between the residential and business areas of this new neighbourhood. It includes around 19 stores, 15 restaurants and 7 kiosks, combining the quality and proximity of traditional commerce with the convenience of modern retail.