According to Noticias ao Minuto, the National Association of Distribution Officers (ANRED) revealed, that it disagrees with the strike by CTT - Correios de Portugal, scheduled for next week, classifying it as "inappropriate".

"ANRED once again disagrees with the general strike called, which is once again inappropriate and continues to contribute nothing to the interests of workers", reads a statement sent to the newsrooms.

The unions representing CTT workers put forward a strike notice for October 31 and November 2, in protest at the "7.50 euros increase imposed" by the group on employees, according to a statement.

"This strike does not solve, once again, any problem, it harms the Portuguese once again and is once again opportunistic, since, as is the rule of the aforementioned trade union organizations, it was called for the day before a national holiday and a day after the said holiday", says ANRED.

In June, CTT workers were also on strike due to salary updates.