“The average interest rate on new housing loans rose to 2.23% (2.01% in August), the highest observed since October 2015”, advances the BdP.

According to the bank, “this evolution is in line with the rise in the average Euribor rates in August”, with 87% of the amount of new housing loans indexing the Euribor at six or 12 months.

In terms of new consumer loans, the average interest rate dropped to 7.85% (7.94% in August).

According to data released by the BdP, in September banks granted a total of 2,006 million euros of new loans to individuals, 136 million euros more than in August.

Of this total amount, 1,338 million euros corresponded to mortgage loans, 467 million euros to consumer credit and 201 million euros to credit for other purposes. The values ​​recorded in August had been, respectively, 1,217, 482 and 171 million euros.