According to the balance presented at the Academia de Marinha, in Lisbon, the AMN recorded 12 fatal accidents on supervised beaches, eight on unsupervised beaches, four on unsupervised beaches outside the established bathing period and two in other unsupervised areas.

Most deaths on guarded beaches were mainly due to sudden illness (10) and two were due to drowning.

On unsupervised beaches, the probable cause of death in seven cases was drowning and, in another situation, sudden illness, according to the data.

Bordeira beach, in Lagos (Faro district), a maritime beach that was not supervised at the time of the incidents there, recorded two drowning deaths in May.

The other two deaths that occurred on beaches outside the surveillance period took place on Praia Grande, in Cascais (in the Guincho area, district of Lisbon), and on Paredes da Vitória beach, in Nazaré (district of Leiria), in June.

According to the data, the months of June and September were those in which more deaths were recorded.