According to a report by ECO, almost 70% of Portuguese professionals (68%) expect to receive a salary increase in 2023, and 64% even expect this increase to be higher than the rate of inflation rate. If their expectations are not fulfilled, 23% of respondents admit that they will look for a new job, concludes a survey by Robert Walters.

“In addition to offering challenging projects, a corporate culture that aligns with personal values ​​and offers clear career progression, as well as a salary package that includes benefits and bonuses, remains critical. Managers must pay attention to the expectations of their candidates to create a successful offer”, comments François-Pierre Puech, director of Robert Walters Portugal, quoted in a statement.

With inflation galloping, most professionals expect to receive salary increases that, at the very least, will help them not to lose purchasing power over the next year. In addition, the Portuguese are now more open to other job opportunities that offer higher wages, as well as a more attractive benefits package.

The survey carried out by the human resources consultancy involved more than a thousand professionals in Europe, around 380 in Portugal.