87% of Portuguese people are going to decorate their house this Christmas and only 27% are going to pay attention to reducing energy consumption with lighting. These were the key findings of a study by Klarna, a global retail banking, payments and shopping service.

According to DN, most Portuguese consumers (66%) start decorating their homes in December, and only in the United States do most (52%) start decorating in November.

The Portuguese will also choose to save on new decorations, with 54% saying they will not spend money on new decorations. Despite energy concerns and beyond, 45% of national respondents will continue to use decorations they already have.

As for the Christmas tree, 92% of Portuguese will use an artificial tree, against 11% who will use a real tree. The nativity scene will also have a strong presence in Portuguese homes, with 41% of respondents saying they will have one.

Despite the difficult times we live in, 89% of Portuguese consumers are going to buy Christmas gifts, but 87% of Portuguese plan to save or be more efficient with their purchases. The use of coupons and promotions, price comparison websites, or shopping apps are some of the strategies being used by the Portuguese to save.

The secret Santa game between family and friends is something in which 52% of the Portuguese participate, and 80% set spending limits. 50% set the spending cap at €10 and 25% set the cap at €25.

Pets are not forgotten, with 54% of respondents saying they will offer their pet a gift. This percentage increases in Gen Z respondents, reaching 59%.

The survey carried out by Klarna was answered by more than 17,000 consumers, from 17 countries on three continents, including Portugal.