SNPVAC members gathered at the Congress Center of the Lagoas Park Hotel, in Oeiras, and approved the strike on Thursday and Friday, as expected. It was also decided to “schedule a minimum of five days of the strike to be carried out until January 31, on dates defined by the management and communicated to associates 24 hours before the entry of strike notice”.

The possibility of a strike was approved at the November 3 meeting, with 553 votes in favour, 92 votes against, and seven abstentions. At the same meeting, it was also decided that the union members would meet again on December 6, “to assess the evolution and impact of the negotiations between SNPVAC and TAP”.

Negotiations are at stake for a new Company Agreement to replace the Emergency Agreement signed in 2021 and which instituted the 25% salary cuts. The proposal made by the airline for the new working conditions was considered “unspeakable” by the union. “We cannot accept as a basis for negotiation a Company Agreement that transforms a TAP crew member into a Ryanair crew member. There are minimums”, said the president, Ricardo Penarroias, after the general meeting on the 3rd. The SNPVAC argues that the new agreement “should be based on the current one, with the updates imposed by law and the necessary interpretative clarifications of various legal regulations”.

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