“The numbers show that, between January 5 and December 7, the basket with these 16 products increased by 21.77%, that is, 8.28 euros, for a total of 46.31 euros.

Bacalhau (cod), considered by some to be the 'star' of Christmas dinner, has already increased by 20% (another 2.17 euros per kilo) since the beginning of the year, having risen from 10.60 euros to 12.77 euros per kilo.

However, carolino rice, white sugar and semi-skimmed UHT milk are, among all the products in the basket, those that registered the biggest price increases between 5 January and 7 December.

"For carolino rice, the increase reached 55%, with this product registering a rise of 62 cents and now costing 1.77 euros) and semi-skimmed UHT milk registered an increase of 42% to 96 cents (28 cents more)", explains the consumer protection organisation.

DECO's analysis also reveals that, "with the exception of red wine, whose price fell by 6% (27 cents), all products considered in the basket recorded price increases between 5 January and 7 December":

Eggs: 39% more (45 cents more);

Red potatoes: 38% more (33 cents more);

Cake flour: 37% more (44 cents more);

Kale: 33% more (33 cents more);

100% vegetable cooking oil: 32% more (74 cents more);

Extra virgin olive oil: 26% more (€1.15 more);

Turkey leg: 23% more (82 cents more);

Cod: 20% more (2.17 euros more);

Pineapple: plus 16% (plus 20 cents);

White wine: 11% more (26 cents more);

Cooking chocolate tablet: 10% more (17 cents more).