“Since the 12th of December, and as a result of the heavy rainfall that occurred between the 12th and 14th of December in Portugal, with the data available on that date, in 71 of the 80 reservoirs monitored by the APA-Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, the water reserve increased by about 785 cubic hectometers (hm3), reaching 72% of the total storage capacity”.

The APA advances that the recovery of water reserves occurred in almost all river basins nationwide, with the highest increase recorded in the basins of Vouga (+20%), Mondego (+14%), Tejo (+17%), Sotavento (+10%) and Guadiana (7%).

The APA states that the rain that fell between Monday and Wednesday allowed the quotas of the Maranhão reservoir, in Avis (Portalegre), and Varosa, in Lamego (Viseu) to rise by more than 13.60 meters and 8.29 meters, respectively.