“In January, we assume that no major changes will happen. During the year, it is impossible to make any kind of conjectures because it depends on factors that no analyst can give us answers to”, said the secretary general of the National Federation of Cooperatives of Milk Producers (Fenalac), Fernando Cardoso.

In the same vein, the secretary general of the Association of Milk Producers of Portugal (Aprolep), Carlos Neves, said that there is, at the moment, no indication that points to a rise in the price of milk paid to professionals in the sector and, consequently, of the amount paid by the final consumer. “If there is anything, it will be very slight”, he underlined.

The price of milk and dairy products has been increasing, since February, an evolution that producers consider late, abrupt, but necessary given the pressure that production costs have exerted on the sector since 2021.

“In the case of milk and dairy products, the question is more why did it happen so late? We had already lived, until before the war in Ukraine, with a huge increase in energy and food costs for animals to produce milk”, defended the secretary general of the National Federation of Producer Cooperatives. Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February caused the price of energy and cereals to skyrocket.