According to a report by Notícias ao Minuto, ASAE states that "the sale of the aforementioned tickets was being promoted on social networks by the two detainees, at prices far above their real face value".

Three tickets for this event were seized. Two of them had a face value of €120, but were being traded for €320. The third ticket was €65 and was being sold for €120. "In total, if the sale of the three tickets were to materialise, the speculated value would be €455 ".

This inspection gave rise to "two criminal proceedings". One of these was provisionally suspended by the court for four months, "under the condition that the defendant proceed with the payment as an injunction, in the amount of €200".

With regard to the second defendant, "it was determined that the case should move to the investigation stage".

ASAE again warns, in the same statement, that consumers should "avoid purchasing tickets above their official value, as this sale constitutes a crime of speculation, punishable by imprisonment from six months to three years".

In September last year, two people were also arrested for the same crime due to the sale of tickets for a Coldplay concert.

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