“This is the starting point for the creation of a system that will allow the development, availability, operation, maintenance and management of the systems and equipment necessary to ensure interoperability between the ticketing systems of the various operators in the region, through the Central System Integrated Intermodal and Multiservice”, says the executive in a statement.

The measure was announced after the meeting of the Regional Government Council, led by the social democrat Miguel Albuquerque, which took place in Funchal.

The Companhia dos Carros de São Gonçalo is responsible for “developing the procedures and carrying out the acts aimed at the future management of the integrated ticketing system of the Autonomous Region of Madeira”.

According to the executive, the new system also intends to provide a centralised customer service for the entire archipelago, which will provide information to the public regarding routes, stops, timetables, tariffs, conditions of use, delays and cancellations of circulations.