Nuno Fazenda explained that this action is due to the fact that the increase in prices for these products is above the inflation registered in Portugal, as well as above the Euro Zone average.

“Inflation is 8.6%, but when we talk about food, it rises to more than 21% — far above the Eurozone average“, says the Secretary of State, in statements transmitted by RTP3. There are even products where the price increase reaches more than 30% or 40% and for example “milk is 70% more than compared to last year”.

Faced with this situation, the Government has decided to intensify the inspection of food prices and has started “an inspection action throughout the country with 38 brigades for inspection action at the level of food products”, developed by ASAE.

Supervision will then be intensified "throughout the entire distribution chain" in order to identify the causes of price increases, with "price speculation" being analysed, namely those charged "on the shelf", but also throughout the whole chain.

According to CNN Portugal, Nuno Fazenda also argues that the “exaggerated increase in prices does not favour anyone, in the end, it harms even the economic operators themselves”.