"There are stores that announce false promotions and discounts on prices recommended by the manufacturer. Redouble your attention. Learn how to decode signs and labels and not to be fooled," recommends the consumer protection organisation.

As part of this investigation, in October and November 2022, Deco Proteste visited anonymously 92 stores of 23 supermarket and equipment chains, in 19 municipalities, from the north to south of the country.

"In 13 of the 43 chains and online stores visited, there were practices that induced errors or did not conform to the rules of sales”.

What does the law say?

Deco recalls that since May 2022, prices and promotions have new rules:

Stores can only announce discounts if there is, in fact, a saving lower than the price to which the product was sold in the same store within 30 consecutive days prior to the application of a price reduction;

Signs or labels must show, in a clear way, the new price and the lowest price previously practiced;

They should also indicate the sale mode, as well as the start date and the duration of price reduction.