As a result of a huge effort by all stakeholders, the Caravel of Good Hope (Boa Esperança in Portuguese) and the Portuguese Discoveries is now open in Lagos to receive visitors who will enjoy an immersive experience inside the ship. The opening ceremony took place on 21 March afternoon in Lagos.

This day was highlighted by a visit to the caravel with many entertainers singing and playing by the boat. When it was time to start the visit, there were also some men dressed in traditional clothes to represent life on the boat in a time when the Portuguese discovered several important spots in the world – over 500 years ago.

At the time, the Portuguese spent several months navigating the unknown oceans, without any GPS or guidance, just courage and the will to discover beyond the land they knew. In the 15th century, the Portuguese found Brazil and many countries in Africa. They also made the first boat trip to India.

But all this and much more is explained during the visit, including the beds the sailors used to sleep in and the food they used to eat. The experience becomes even more real with the participation of people who speak as if they were sailors at the time with the same expressions.

Immersive experience

Minutes before the visit, João Fernandes, president of the Algarve Tourism Board, said: "We have an app that with the help of five items in five strategic places allows us to experience an augmented reality and have a more immersive experience, more interactive with what the life on board a caravel was like 500 years ago."

"This project seeks to boost this heritage of the maritime exploration and the role of the Algarve in those discoveries, but it is even better when we do it with the testimony of Prince Henry, the Navigator, and many others who lived on board”, João Fernandes said in his speech.

Tourism all year

"We have been fighting for a long time not to be just a beach destination, but to have a cultural and historical element and this is possible through the caravel that can be visited, showing the importance that the caravels played” said Lagos Mayor Hugo Pereira, who added that through this project “we can launch another site to be visited in Lagos and in the Algarve”.

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The Caravel is located at Cais da Ribeira de Bensafrim in Lagos (GPS: 37.106215, -8.673347). However, the experience doesn’t stop here. If you download the "Lagos: Caravela Boa Esperança" app, you will be able to find over 15 other points of interest about the city and surrounding areas that will add even more value to the Caravel of Good Hope experience.

For further information on the Caravel Boa Esperança Interpretation Centre, please call + 351 282 770 000 or + 351 969 685 985

Credits: TPN;


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