In the document to which the Lusa agency had access to, two hundred students of ESGIN, expressed their "displeasure and concern for the precariousness of (in)existing transport in the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova and to Castelo Branco".

This situation "prevents students who are there studying and residing there from moving in those periods, and, in particular, from enjoying the very municipality [Idanha-a-Nova] that they chose to study".

In the petition, they also expressed concern for the future of ESGIN, "given the almost permanent complaints of students and teachers of that institution due to the lack of mobility and the very deficient transport network."

In addition, they stressed that "the overwhelming majority come from abroad", from Idanha-a-Nova and are students from other areas of the country, being forced to move to and from these other regions without the necessary mobility.

In the document, the students reinforced their concern about something they consider "absolutely essential" for the sustainability of ESGIN, and from which "arises the serious, free and enlightened will to denounce the present situation that seems absolutely unsustainable for their permanence in this school and municipality.

ESGIN is one of the six schools of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, a public institution of higher education that began its activity in 1980.