According to the Portuguese Government, Portuguese exportation represents, annually, 41 percent of the GDP, being the country that has increased their exportation of the Eurozone the most.

Currently, Portugal exports more than countries such as Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, as written on the Government website. Spain, France and Germany are also the countries that receive most Portuguese products in their countries.

But what are the other countries buying from Portugal?


Cork is the most exported Portuguese product, with 90 percent of the production being sold to 133 countries. Usually, the product is bought to be used as a wine bottle stopper, but sometimes it is used to create various types of decoration or even purses. In 2021, Portuguese cork exportation reached a record of 1.133 million euros in sold products.


According to Expresso, Portuguese wine exportations, from January to September 2022, reached more than 675 million euros. Portuguese wine is sought by every continent in the world, for many reasons, such as having original products that do not exist in other parts of the world, like Green Wine or even Port and Madeira Wine. The United States of America, France and the United Kingdom are the countries that buy the most Portuguese wine in the world, followed by Brazil and Canada.

Olive oil

Portugal is the fourth biggest exporter of olive oil in the world, having turned Portugal from an importer of olive oil to one of the major exporters of the world. In 2019, Portugal exported 56 thousand tons of olive oil to countries that are not part of the European Union. It is expected that the production of olive oil will continuously rise, to grow the foreign market.

Other exports

Even though with less quantity, Portugal still exports other products such as vegetables, chemical products, clothes and shoes and clothing materials. Nevertheless, ore and metals are gradually becoming more exported, representing 19.7 percent, according to Pordata, of the 2021 exportations.


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