This position taken by the Intermunicipal Community of Alentejo Central (CIMAC), which brings together the 14 municipalities in the district of Évora, was released in a statement, after being unanimously approved at a meeting of its intermunicipal council.

CIMAC is thus in solidarity with the Yes Platform at Beja International Airport, after the president of this intermunicipal community and Évora City Council, Carlos Pinto de Sá (CDU), met with representatives of the driving committee of the citizen initiative group.

In the statement, CIMAC says it agrees with “the crucial importance of modernizing the Beja-Ourique/Funcheira connection to provide the south of the country with a modern rail network that will serve its development”.

“Portugal gains a new Lisbon-Faro link, a new link from the Complexo de Sines/Litoral Alentejano to Spain, a direct link from Beja Airport to the Algarve and from the Algarve to the interior of the country and Spain. The south of the country gains territorial cohesion, more competitiveness, a better environment”, states the municipalities.

The platform has already delivered to the Assembly of the Republic a petition in defense of Beja Airport and the creation of access to the infrastructure, with more than 3,000 signatures.

The collection of signatures continues “up to 30 days” after the petition – available at