After verifying and validating the invoices for expenses, taxpayers can now verify the amounts determined by the AT for the purpose of deducting the IRS collection and to claim, if applicable, concerns regarding so-called general family expenses.

This expense category entitles each taxpayer to a deduction from IRS collection in the amount of €250 euros, involving expenses related to water, electricity, telecommunications and most products purchased in supermarkets, for example, or purchases of fuel, clothing or household appliances, among many others.

The end of the month of March is also the deadline for choosing an entity to which you can assign a portion of your IRS or the discount on the tax obtained by demanding an invoice in sectors such as restaurants, hairdressers, veterinarians or bodyshops.

Contrary to what happens with the deduction for general family expenses, taxpayers cannot claim the amount calculated for deductions related to expenses in health, education, homes or real estate.

Even so, and if they do not agree with the values calculated by the AT (which they can consult on their personal page on the Finance Portal), taxpayers can make the corrections they deem necessary when filling in the IRS declaration.

It should be noted that in this situation they have to keep the corresponding invoices for four years.

The delivery of the annual IRS declaration, relating to 2022 income, starts on April 1st and ends on June 30th, and for many thousands of taxpayers this process takes only a few to verify and confirm with the automatic IRS.