Despite his age (38 years old), Ronaldo carries on his powerful path in the Portugal National Football Team. The game against Lichenstein on Thursday (March, 23) had been an example that CR7 will still be there (soon).

Criticised or not, it is undoubtable that Cristiano Ronaldo has shown that the two key words of victory were and will be: Understanding Him. For instance, during all his career, we have been seeing the relevance of his psychological strength and focus beyond many physical skills. Thus, Roberto Martinez, the new football coach of Portugal, seems to know what moves Ronaldo, and for this reason, he has invited him to play in his first game leading The Portugal National Football Team.

Aiming the qualification of Portugal for euro2024 championship, Martinez has been revealing self-confidence and believes that “Portugal has a valuable team”. For the new coach, there is space to believe in possible remarkable achievements, considering the talent of Portuguese players, from the youngest (Inácio and António Silva), to the oldest players, such as Cristiano. Adding up, he said to RTP3 that he, also, “respects so much the work done by Fernando Santos” and wants to join with him “to discuss football issues”.

CR7´s Gifts and Fans passion

Yes, he did it on Thursday, 23. Both goals are the lively example that the best of his inspiration is still there, even though his gaming speed decreased a little due to the age. But will football be played only with speed, forgetting the art of spectacle, reliability and identity? This could be a clue of thought for taking home, until the next Portugal game against Luxembourg, on this next Sunday.

One day before the game against Lichenstein, Cristiano Ronaldo said to CNN Portugal, that he had to measure the benefits and disadvantages of taking part in the Portugal National Football Team. He ended up deciding to keep on being the captain of Portuguese Team, believing in his help to achieve “big things”. Moreover, a plenty of Portuguese fans that have been celebrating the Portugal victory, outside José Alvalade Stadium (Lisboa), shown their incredible and delightful joy concerning Ronaldo`s performance. For children, their fathers and grandparents, CR7 is believed to carry on his success as a top player, representing Portugal anywhere.

CR7`s “cold” mindset sun and passionate moon

Regardless some people believe or not in an astrological approach on Cristiano Ronaldo profile, there are some clues of thought that seem to be applied. If you want to see them as “hypothesis” is makes sense too. They have been considered, also, such as clues of analysis by Portuguese astrologists of Associação Portuguesa de Astrologia (ASPAS). Then, despite having Aquarius sun sign, Ronaldo has an ascendent in Aries and, mainly, the moon in Lion, that give him the determination, charisma, focus and a kind of competitive obsession. For these reasons, his victories could be well understood, considering this “astrological profile”. However, the natal chart is a complex and detailed tool that must been studied accurately. Nothing is predictable, therefore, people should study further to crate clues and study hypothesis.

A further point is that, since the beginning of Ronaldo´s career, music, marketing and business fields, in general, have perceived the role and charisma of him beyond football. And this could be analyzed as a clue in Astrology. And you, what do you think about Ronaldo´s future beyond its role as a player?

by Daniela Gonçalves