The upcoming summer brings some exciting indoor and outdoor trends to explore and elevate your home.

Calm & Cool Neutral Hues

Bring the grey, cream, brown and pastels to your home for a new sense of warmth, cosiness and real “hygge” like luxury living. Somehow our post-pandemic frame of mind has filtered down to our everyday surroundings. Looking to make statements with neutral tones allows for us to capture peace, a sense of well-being, warmth and heartiness.

Raw Finish Reused Surfaces

Concrete, oak, plaster, cork are some of the natural materials that will no longer be details but space defining hallmarks. “Hyper-texturality” brings the natural world into our everyday living, unprocessed and untreated, stripped of all synthetics. There seems to be a staunch focus towards high-contrast and high-pattern grains alongside overstated veining in marble, stone and wood.

Sustainability Takes A Stand

Net-zero interior design and architecture has come to rule and will likely trickle down to every detail of project design, construction, layout, materials, furniture and adornments. Clients are looking for environmentally conscious solutions that are aware of our living and our world’s longevity, incorporating trends such as sustainable and self-maintaining gardening solutions, as well as, rainwater harvesting and drought-tolerant alternatives.

Scatters Of Transparency

With the aim to bring a heavenly and ethereal touch, transparent textures and furniture will elevate any space and bring a luxurious feel. Resin, acrylic and plexiglas whether see-through or with airy light tinted accents offer depth, light and new proportions.

Take The Indoor To The Outdoor

Indoor and outdoor architecture layouts have allowed for a seamless delightful living in the Algarve, given the 300+ days of sunshine, to enjoy the outside as if we are inside. This trend brings forward the possibility to create outdoor cinema lounges, shower areas, centre island kitchens and luscious al-fresco dining experiences, prolonging your outdoor living in spring, summer and autumn months.

Creating magical, uplifting and unique living spaces is key to maximising our investment but also to making the most of the wonderful lifestyle we aspire to. If you are looking to purchase a property in the Golden Triangle or wish to sell your home in the area we invite you to contact the ONE Select Properties team.

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