Through their dynamic team, NeptunePirate sell new and second-hand boats as well as WaveRunners. NeptunePirate pride themselves on providing an excellent service for all of their clients and their boats.

NeptunePirate do not skip on maintenance, offering extensive boat care and they act as a concierge service for boat tours with private charter management, fishing tournaments as well as hoping to add rentals to their exclusive offer next year.

Founder of NeptunePirate, Rúben Fernandes told The Portugal News that “Up until 2016, I was a customer, I really liked spending time at sea and I had the pleasure of living on board so I know exactly what clients want because I have been in their shoes. It is a family business and not a franchise so we make our own rules where my way of thinking comes from passion.”

Adding “I want to give clients what I would want to receive, which has led us to having loyal customers. We offer an exclusive service and we give each of our clients undivided attention and professional advice.”

“We have gone from strength to strength, where we have created partnerships that share our ethos, which is why we represent only the best partnerships, which includes becoming the Official Yamaha Marine Dealer of Madeira.

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“Our company’s popularity has soared and we are one of the best Yamaha dealers in Portugal in terms of service. After three years, NeptunePirate became the importer in Portugal for the Italian brand SEAGAME, which was an important milestone for the company”.

This year, NeptunePirate are excited to announce that they are importers and distributer of the brand JEANNEAU in the Algarve which is one of the biggest brands in the world.

Rúben assured that “We have the best brands on the market; great cabin boats from JEANNEAU and FINNMASTER, luxury boats like Grandezza and DB from JEANNEAU and we have sport fishing boats from SEAGAME. We have a wide range of options suitable to every kind of boat owner up to 50 feet, with a total of seven brands.”

Successful Expansion

NeptunePirate attended the June 2021 Vilamoura Boat Show, where Rúben shared that “clients really appreciated the quality of the boats and it was a very successful event where we did some sales. The event propelled us to have a base in the Algarve which is why we opened an office in Vilamoura marina and then we opened the doors to our showroom in Quarteira in July 2022.”

When asked why NeptunePirate decided to bet on the Algarve, Rúben said “I think the Algarve is not fully explored, when I was at the boat show in Vilamoura, I saw it had a lot of potential to do something better.”


In terms of the future, when it comes to expansion, we would like to supply other companies by sharing our philosophy and increase the market that way.

The NeptunePirate office is located at Edificio Vilamarina, Loja 58, Marina de Vilamoura. Their Boat Show Room is located on Rua Joaquim Bota, Sitio das Pereiras, Quatro Estradas in Quarteira. For more information, please visit or alternatively email .


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