The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) received a total of 5,575,084 IRS declarations last year (related to 2021 income), which translates into an increase of 1.75% compared to the number registered in the previous year.

Of this total, there are 55,025 who correspond to households whose annual income is between 100 thousand and 250 thousand euros and 4,445 who declared to receive more than 250 thousand euros, in a total of 59,470.

At both levels of income there was an increase compared to the previous year in which the households that reported income above 100 thousand euros were 52,120 (with 48,346 between 100 thousand and 250 thousand euros and 3,774 above 250 thousand euros) , reversing the downward trend registered between 2019 and 2020 for those earning more than 250 thousand euros.

According to IRS statistical data, households with incomes above 100,000 euros represented 1.07% of the total number of those who submitted annual income statements last year.

As a whole, those 59,470 declared €9,540 million in income, which corresponds to around 8.8% of the total IRS gross income earned in 2021.

Low-income families

The result of the delivery of the IRS for 2021 also reveals that at the opposite end of the income table there were changes compared to the previous year, with the data indicating that the number of households that declared less than 10 thousand euros in annual gross decreased by 10.7% compared to the previous year.

At this level of values, there were 687,980 who declared an annual gross income of less than five thousand euros, with 1,341,874 who declared earning between five thousand and 10 thousand euros. As a whole, these people represent more than a third (36.4%) of the households that filed a tax return – down from the 38.9% they represented a year earlier.