Young surfer António Laureano is one of the protagonists of the new season of the HBO series.

"The truth is that it's a huge pride to be part of this project and that just shows that I'm doing a good job at the beginning of my career. It's great to represent Portugal in this incredible series", said the 21-year-old.

After a first season filled with breath-taking moments, the second season of the series features the participation of big names from the World Surfing League (WSL), including Garret McNamara and Kai Lenny, the Brazilian Lucas Chumbo, the Portuguese 'Tony' Laureano and Nic Von Rupp and Justine Dupont, among others, who challenge the limits of surfing in Praia do Norte.

"I was the only Portuguese present at the 'première' of the series in Los Angeles [at the end of March] and that made me feel 'kind of special'", underlined the athlete, who was also present at the launch of the new season in Lisbon, in early April.

Another of the stars of the HBO series is Hawaiian Garrett McNamara, who put the waves of Nazaré under the international spotlight when he started tackling the 'mountains' of water at Praia do Norte more than 10 years ago, at a time when it seemed impossible.

"This series demonstrates 100% everything that the Nazaré wave represents. It is very intense. Each episode tells a story, in which we have action at sea, but also shows the most remarkable moments on land and all the preparation necessary to challenge the limits of surfing", said the former world record holder.

Directed and produced by Chris Smith and Joe Lewis, the series won an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Cinematography for a Non-Fiction Program at the 74th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which took place in September last year in Los Angeles, California, United States.