There is already an agreement between the deputies of the Commission for Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing of the Assembly of the Republic for a final text that reduces the amount of fines to be paid for road offenses related to tolls, according to Jornal de Notícias. The Liberal Initiative bill now needs final approval, but is not expected to be implemented until 2024.

Deputy Carlos Guimarães Pinto told JN that the final text has “some changes” requested by the PS, such as changing the amount of the fine from three to five times. The law currently provides that the value of the fine is 7.5 times the cost of the toll, with a minimum value of €25. But the final version eliminates the minimum amount and sets the fine at five times the cost of the toll fee.

It was in January that the Liberal Initiative bill was approved in general terms, with the PS, PSD and PAN parties abstaining and the rest voting in favour.