Renske told The Portugal News that she was the first came to the Azores, after pointing her goals to the New Year, back in 2021. After calling a cousin, Renske found out that the Azores could be the perfect place to “regain energy” and explore a new part of the world. During her stay on the island, Renske invited her family to come and visit São Miguel. John Consemulder, a music producer, saw the pictures his wife has been sending from the Azores, believing it was somewhere in Hawaii, Iceland or even Greenland. Finally, knowing it was in Europe, John came with his family for New Year’s Eve.

Besides being a music producer, John also creates visual content, such as filming and editing videos. During a recording of a video, John decided to go on “a natural staircase, not built by humans, but where people put their feet”, until the moment he broke his foot, that was when the line was drawn, and the couple had to find a way to stay in the Azores.

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During the five months of John’s recovery, Renske tried to find a way of getting to work. The Chrysalis Centre, in Ribeira Grande, Azores, came up from Renske’s long experience in the field of movement, and music, such as singing and dancing. While looking for a house, Renske found a studio, full of mirrors, knowing immediately that she and John would have to own the space.

The space allowed people from the island of São Miguel to find new activities, that are more predominant in mainland Portugal. The couple is “building out the community for dance”, but also helping people to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. Renske pointed out that it is noticeable the difference in women’s behaviour, as they always seem shy, but end up being happy and more confident after participating in the centre activities.

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Focusing on health and sustainability energy work, John, and Renske use sound and movement to help people in their therapies but also offer the opportunity for people to attend lectures and workshops, for example. Besides, as most of the therapies are based on natural features, being in the Azores is the perfect feature for those involved in Chrysalis Centre activities.

John mentioned to The Portugal News that he has a “professional music recording and producing studio”, for artists that may feel interested in recording some songs, for example, bands, orchestras, and small choirs. Besides the activities as a music producer, John let The Portugal News readers know that “every 2 weeks on Friday evening, a sound journey with free dance and expression, no talking, just an inspirational dance journey with ethnic and world grooves, mixed with some tribal beats”, will take place in their centre, playing songs from HealingSoundMovement.

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The Chrysalis Centre Azores is “affiliated and endorsed by the Câmara Municipal da Ribeira Grande”, as John and Renske are part of the “Digital Nomads” program led by the municipality. Renske is now trying to create a Hip hop-dance community in the Azores, called HipHopAzores.

To know more about the work of Renske and John, people may visit their website and perhaps you are interested in participating in a project that involves nature, sound and activities that will enhance people’s self-esteem and confidence.


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