The 23rd edition of the Mértola Honey, Cheese and Bread Fair will take place this weekend, in the multipurpose pavilion of the Alentejo village, with music, taverns, workshops and conversations dedicated to these three products.

The mayor of Mértola, Mário Tomé, quoted by the Lusa agency, says that the three products “walk side by side” and that “they add value to the municipality as a territory”, due to their high quality.

The 23rd Honey, Cheese and Bread Fair “opens its doors” today, at 4 pm, with music being one of its highlights, with concerts by Buba Espinho. Dona Zéfinha group will be on stage on the second day, at 10 pm.

The program also included conversations and 'workshops' related to honey, cheese and bread, 'show cookings', street entertainment and an afternoon of Alentejo singing, on Sunday, at 3 pm.