The real estate market has embraced the digital age. Families are becoming more demanding, seeking smart home solutions to improve the comfort, energy efficiency and security of their homes. And this trend is leading builders and property developers to have to develop, more and more, smart homes in Portugal.

Although it is still taking its first steps, this is undoubtedly a growing market with strong potential in our country. It was mostly in the last three years that families started to pay special attention to the smart home market in our country. "After the pandemic and the lockdown, people effectively started looking more at the concept of the house and comfort and they started thinking more about how they could get in and out of the house without having to touch everything," begins Lídia Amorim, chief marketing officer at Chaviarte, which develops Domni smart security systems, explaining.

Interest in smart homes grew during this period and so did the smart homes business. "From 2021 to 2022 and now this year, we started to feel a growing demand for this type of smart security systems," points out Lídia Amorim.