Meta has fallen back into the "good graces" of investors. Since the beginning of the year, the shares of the company that owns the Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp platforms have accumulated a 100% increase.

It is the company that shines brightest this year among tech companies listed on the US Nasdaq index surpassing, for example, Nvidia, which this year has accumulated gains of 83% and until recently the best performing tech of the year.

The recovery of the securities of Mark Zuckerberg's company has been huge. Since November 4 last year, when the shares reached 88.09 dollars per share, the lowest value since September 30, 2015, that the securities began a steady climb, accounting until a 175% increase.

In this Thursday's session, Meta shares continue to trade with gains of 14.5% at 240 dollars (the highest value since June 2022), after about an hour before the opening of Wall Street the securities had rehearsed a valuation of more than 20%.

But it's not just the results that are giving strength to Meta's stock. It is mainly Zuckerberg's statements about the role artificial intelligence (AI) is playing in the company's operations, particularly in attracting more traffic to the Facebook and Instagram platforms.