“In the life of the Municipality, it is important to recognise those who, for their value, their energy, their ability, contributed to our city, to the city that we are”, said Carlos Moedas, defending that “the story of Cristiano Ronaldo, considered the best player in the world several times, is closely linked to the history of Lisbon”.

“This is a tribute to a boy who became a man in Lisbon and who, in addition to his identity of the place where he was born, became a great Lisboner, in the sense of the passion he has for the city. Ronaldo has always defended, promoted and projected the name of Lisbon around the world”, continued the mayor of Lisbon. “Cristiano Ronaldo is also a great Lisboner and that has never been recognised”, he maintained.

Carlos Moedas also highlighted “the extraordinary hope that Cristiano Ronaldo brings to so many young people, helping them to dream. So that they can dream that if they are the best they will succeed, that by their merit they can get where they want”.

The attribution of the Medal of Honour of the City to Cristiano Ronaldo was approved at a meeting of the Lisbon City Council, based on a proposal which underlines his “life path as a world-renowned sportsman, with direct reflections on the city of Lisbon and its population".