Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, growing in its 30 years from shelter to guardian of abandoned animals. APAA’s motto ‘here to help’ covers mainly dogs and feral cats. By raising funds through its two charity shops in Alvor and Silves, ‘Pop-Up’ shops and a variety of foody events, they can operate their worthy Spaying & Neutering Programme, (SNiP). Reducing the ever increasing animal kingdom, giving abandonees veterinary care, shelter and re-homing.

Jenny Clarke, President of APAA and member, Anita Wight were looking for an answer to an increasingly problematic question. How can owners ensure their pet(s) future if they die or have a long illness? On a scouting expedition they discovered ARA, Animal Rescue Algarve, a beautifully designed, modern, shelter, only minutes outside of Loulé. Founder, Sid Richardson, welcomed them with open arms. An answer to a long prayer, how to get endorsement for his ‘Legacy For Pets’? A project he had ringed off, put behind the fences, as ARA increasingly took up most of his time. Having signed up their own re-homed animals, the APAA ladies wanted to share Sid’s ‘Legacy’ with other pet owners. “They are, after all part of our family!” Jenny and Anita agreed. “A forever home and then re-abandoned?” Both parties needed a helping hand.

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The Association For Property Owners in Portugal, (afpop) also have a motto, which sums up their raison d’etre, ‘Making Life Better’ for the ex-pats in general. Estrangeiros arrive, assured of a warm welcome, sun, good food, and healthy living. But there is always the ever-increasing mine-field of things to trip over. IMT, IMI, IVA among growing regulations. For over 30 years, the hand-picked team at afpop, are chosen for their individual skills and dedication. to the members. Whether a telephone call, or e-mail, there is no stone left unturned to help. Michael Reeve, CEO, has been on board for over 20 years. Generously, when asked to lend a hand, gave space for an informative article in afpop’s monthly ‘UPDATE’ magazine, also enabling APAA to be hosted on their Website’s Community Charity Pages.

“Reaching so many animal lovers within our community is of the utmost importance.” Jenny’s strong belief in ‘Legacy For Pets’ is unshakable, having endorsed the project herself. “Knowing that APAA’s commitment to abandoned animals, will continue, is satisfying. Thanks to ARA, my pets will not be abandoned again. For sure!” Something for pet owners to ponder.

Contact: APAA,, ARA +351 910 476 880 afpop (association for property owners in Portugal) +351 282 458 509.