With its pro-business climate and friendly Web3 and crypto regulations, the country has been attracting entrepreneurs from around the world looking to establish their companies in a dynamic and supportive environment. This is precisely why Lunar Strategy, one of Europe's largest Web3 marketing agencies, chose to move its headquarters to Lisbon shortly after launching.

About Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy has quickly established itself as a leading force in the crypto and NFT arena. The agency provides growth-driven companies with effective go-to-market strategies, authority building, and Web3 growth initiatives. To date, Lunar Strategy has collaborated with more than 100 companies and launched more than 1,000 campaigns, using its industry expertise and top-level connections to reach its clients' targeted audience.

The agency is founded by Tim Haldorsson, who also provides forward-thinking Web3 marketing insight as a contributor to Cointelegraph, Rolling Stone, Daily Coin, NFT Plazas, and NFT Evening. He has also authored two crypto-related books and is a regular tech podcast guest on multiple shows.

Having been personally involved in the crypto scene since 2017, Tim knew there was a gap in the market: traditional marketing strategies for Web3 and crypto-related projects simply do not work, and clients need agencies that understand this shift to help them reach their full potential. And thus Lunar Strategy came to fruition.

Having partnered with leading crypto, NFT and metaverse companies worldwide, Lunar Strategy has mastered what it takes to succeed in this ever-competitive landscape. Its approach focuses on what matters most: ensuring community growth, building long-term engagement and establishing authority. Strong communities in particular are crucial to longevity and success in Web3 and crypto spaces. Creating a vibrant group that drives brand advocacy, awareness and fosters retention is certainly no mean feat, which is where the agency excels.

Why did Lunar Strategy pick Lisbon?

Initially launched in Gothenburg, Sweden, by a team of five Swedes, the growing agency has been based in Lisbon for the last four years.

So why did Lunar Strategy pick Lisbon as its new base? According to the company's founder, Lisbon's reputation as a burgeoning tech and crypto hub was a key factor. The Portuguese capital hosts the world's largest technology event, the Web Summit, which draws in tens of thousands of attendees each year. Additionally, a recent survey by European crypto investment firm Greenfield named Lisbon as the "World's Most Important Crypto Hub," further cementing the city's status as a leading destination for tech entrepreneurs.

But it's not just Lisbon's tech scene that makes it attractive to businesses like Lunar Strategy. The city is also a thriving cultural centre, with a rich history and a vibrant social scene. The combination of a dynamic tech ecosystem and its high quality of life makes Lisbon a compelling destination for both businesses and individuals alike, which is why the entire management team of Lunar Strategy all reside in the city.

In addition to being a great place to live and work, Portugal also offers a supportive business climate with friendly regulations for crypto and blockchain startups. The country has been actively working to attract entrepreneurs and investors in the tech and crypto sectors from abroad, which enticed the agency to move here. As a result, the company has no plans to move its headquarters anytime soon from the country.

Contributing to the Portuguese economy

Lunar Strategy is a Portuguese-registered company, making it one of the few international agencies based here thought to regularly contribute taxes in Portugal. Commonly, many foreign agencies take advantage of the Non-Habitual Residency scheme, in which qualifying entrepreneurs, professionals and retirees can receive a 10-year ‘window’ of tax-reduced or tax-free living. Currently, there are estimated to be some 10,000 non-habitual residents in Portugal, with that number increasing year-on-year.

Contributing to the Portuguese economy is of high priority to the founding members of Lunar Strategy, paying back into the system and supporting the country that has helped their international agency thrive.

Not only does Lunar Strategy pay hundreds of thousands of taxes annually for social security, corporate tax and personal income tax, but the agency also hires locally too. So far, the company has hired 5+ Portuguese staff, all of whom have received competitive tech salaries that represent either double or triple the average Portuguese wage. As the business expands, the agency intends to continue to hire locally.

Lisbon Web3 and crypto events

Another growing area of focus for the booming agency is Web3 and crypto-related events in Lisbon, to give even more back to the city. Lunar Strategy has already had clients sponsor local events, including a leading European exchange that sponsored the Non-Fungible Conference summit. The agency plans to hold additional events in the coming months, partnering with their clients.

To find out more about the work Lunar Strategy does to help their clients grow in the ever-changing Web3 and crypto spaces, take a look at www.lunarstrategy.com, and on their respective social media handles.