In addition to “Ai Coração”, songs from Croatia, Moldova, Switzerland, Finland, Czechia, Israel, Sweden, Serbia and Norway were also chosen to go on to the final, scheduled for Saturday.

In the first semifinal, which was broadcast live in Portugal on RTP1, 15 songs competed for ten places. Knocked out in this round were songs from Malta, Latvia, Ireland, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands.

This year, 37 countries participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, but only 26 make it to the final: the ten chosen already and a further ten that will be selected on Thursday, in the second semifinal, will join the so-called 'Big Five' (France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy) and the host country (which this year should be Ukraine, having won last year).

The ‘Big Five’ and the host country always have direct entry into the final.

According to the average of several bookmakers, Portugal is far from being in the running as a potential winner, however crowd reaction during the contest showed that the act was a firm fan favourite.