You wake to an alarm clock that you didn’t set ‐ your home’s AI looked at your calendar, and then looked at real time traffic reports and determined that you needed to start your morning routine 20 minutes earlier.

As you walk into the bathroom, the lights turn on at the perfect intensity so you’re not immediately blinded, and the water in your shower, has already been set to the perfect temperature. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, your coffee is already brewing.

After your shower, you walk out of your bedroom towards the kitchen, and your smart home looked at the weather and saw that the cloud cover was low, so it opened your blinds throughout your house to let the morning light in.

As you drink your coffee, your home tunes to your favourite news station to get you up to date. The pet’s food bowl is automatically filled at 8am sharp, and the doggy door lets Lassie into the backyard to do her business.

Your home’s personal assistant voice pauses your radio news feed and asks you what you’d like to make for dinner. You have trouble deciding, and so your smart fridge takes inventory of what you have on hand, and suggests a few things. A delicious pasta with a light salad sounds perfect. But now that you think about it, you’re out of wine, and you’d like something to go with your dish. Fortunately, your home knew that was the case, and added a nice pinot noir to your grocery order to pick up on your way home from work.

After you finish your coffee, you’re ready for the day. You pick up your laptop off the wireless charging table and walk into your garage, where your electrical vehicle powers on. The garage door opens as does your car door, and your home wishes you a nice day.

What a wonderful day tomorrow can be… Robot assistants

The most iconic thing that comes to mind when we imagine a house of the future is a friendly robot helper. In a way, we’ve already started to (literally) roll these out with products like robot vacuum cleaners and self‐cleaningmops. In smart homes of the present, we may find that these little helpers can perform all sorts of tasks.

Have you ever felt like you could use an extra pair of hands when preparing a meal? This, that you may have thought would be in the near future is now a reality, as Samsung Bot Chefs find their way into homes.

Advanced health and wellness monitoring

How many steps did you get in today? Did you monitor your heart rate at all? Smart watches and fitness trackers are helpful tools that many of us use for monitoring a variety of health and fitness values.

In the smart home of today, there are all sorts of opportunities to integrate such sensors into the house itself. Your home could track your steps, weight, temperature and look for improvements or abnormalities that indicate illness.

If it detects signs of illness, it could add medicine to your grocery list, order it for delivery, or even help you schedule a doctor’s appointment.

All the possibilities above, are the reason iQreative works hard for our clients to bring the future to your present.

From Science Fiction to Home Reality.

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