“Older people consume more wine”, teenagers and young adults drink beer and younger people drink spirits (shots), said the public health doctor in the parliamentary subcommittee on Global Health, where he was heard together with the director general of the SICAD, Joao Goulao.

He noted, however, that in Portugal, contrary to the rest of Europe, spirits are “consumed very little”, representing about 10%, while wine totals 60% and the rest is beer consumption.

Manuel Cardoso said that until 2015 Portugal was making “some gains in health and some gains in terms of consumption”, but in recent years “this seems not to have happened”.

“Portugal is one of the countries with the highest 'per capita' consumption of alcohol in world terms”, he clarified, adding that the average consumption of litres of pure alcohol per inhabitant had fallen slightly, having reached 11.9 in 2015, a value that rose to 12.1 in 2019.

Manuel Cardoso revealed that, according to the general population survey, in 2012, 60% of the Portuguese had consumed alcohol, a figure that increased to 61.5% in 2022.