As the Uwerx presale continues, it is becoming clear to the crypto community that the project and its WERX token offer a practical and real-life use case not only to the freelancing world but the real possibility of profit to crypto investors and traders as well.

As such, crypto backers are keeping a keen eye on the latest developments of Uwerx and major crypto tokens like Aptos (APT) and Monero (XMR) to see which one will be the right asset to invest in right now.

Aptos (APT) is Fast and Smart

One of the key features of Aptos (APT) is the high TPS and the faster finality. Thanks to some unique programming, Aptos (APT) can theoretically achieve 150,000 TPS, ten thousand more than even Ethereum.

But the uptick in adoption seems to be slowing lately. Hitting as high as $18.85, it is more than 82% down today at $8.3. Price predictions for the rest of the year show Aptos (APT) has the potential to claw back to $12 (45%+), but may not fully recover until 2024 as its price prediction is $18.26 for then.

Uwerx (WERX) Price Prediction Astounds Crypto Experts

With talent platforms being preferred by 90% of business owners, it is clear that Uwerx with features such as personalized gig matching, collaboration tools, a Vault to keep assets safe, IP protection, and one of the lowest fees in the industry, is being hailed as the future of the gig market. Jam-packed with technical and financial security, the platform already has passed not one, but two different code audits from SolidProof and InterFi Network, with the alpha version of the platform only a few weeks away.

Coupling this with a 25-year-long liquidity lock starting after the presale, eventually handing over control to users and giving governance rights, experts are saying Uwerx will explode when launched. Price predictions put it anywhere between $1.1 to $1.5 in 2024.

Monero (XMR) Can Double By 2024

Anonymity is key in the Monero philosophy and that reflects in its transactions. All transactions done are public records, but in a manner that the sender’s and receiver’s identities cannot be traced. No wonder Monero (XMR) is so in demand and currently stands at $151 a token.

The price prediction for Monero (XMR) is good too, with traders saying it can target as high as $334 in 2024, doubling its current value.

The Verdict is Out and Favors Uwerx (WERX)

While both Aptos (APT) and Monero (XMR) show an overall increase over the year-long course, it is clear that price prediction for Uwerx says it can do much, much better. The current token presale is running at $0.0225 per token and if the price prediction is to be believed, this means a minimum 4,700% profit can be made by 2024.

Traders are also overjoyed with the development team redoing the presale token quantity after an unprecedented demand dried up the original allocation.

If you want to be a WERX early adopter and enjoy the potentially massive profits of the token (including a 20% bonus), you can join the presale today with the following links: