The buzz word in interiors for 2023 is ‘curvy’, but having said that, I am not sure how this would fit with traditional Portuguese homes, but is certainly an idea to take on board for a new home or one you are soon to modernise.

Curved cabinetry – A universal cry everywhere is for more storage space, and this time the trend is being said in a much bigger way. Curved cabinetry is becoming trendy, all beautifully designed, no sharp corners and few straight edges, and nothing looks nicer than this slightly retro feel. In the kitchen, curved counter tops, rounded central units with soft edges and curvy soft chairs. Look out for curved dinnerware as well to reflect this dramatic new style.

What are the benefits of curved furniture? Rounded furniture is both pleasant to the eyes and very comfortable. Its curves are closer to the body's natural shapes, bracing around you, and giving a welcoming, calming, and relaxed feel.

Going back to basics - One thing that has become a trend is all about becoming more minimalist, paring back and finding interiors to make you feel calm and tranquil. Time to put away the fussy stuff, and at the end of the day, it’s nice to come home to a relaxed living space.

Rounded decorative storage boxes are in style - short or tall - to clear all that clutter, but still adding a slice of your own personality. Artisans, designers and well-known brand leaders have created them - some are elegantly finished with a glossy lacquer, others could add a contemporary, colour-blocked elegance to the dressing table for instance, and are perfect for storing small jewellery accessories, others have texture and organic shapes with lids that will hide any amount of clutter.

Gilt-edged modern treasures - Anything with the Midas touch seems to be on trend too, with designers and manufacturers introducing just a hint of gold to the edges of tall beautiful pots or cups, bringing just the right amount of subtle bling to the table.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate artisanal, vintage and homemade objects and furniture, but keep to quiet, neutral hues -but add a slight elevation from the everyday, but not enough to create any visual noise. It could be a touch of Hollywood chic using a brass cocktail trolley, or a dramatic piece of abstract art on your coffee table where some clever use of gold leaf or paint has been used. Gold shouts out glamour, according to some colour consultants.

Wet Bars – if you have the space, these will ‘up’ your entertaining prowess and provide a trendy place to prepare and serve drinks for your guests and will become a favourite meeting point. Curvy ones are a modern and sociable way to add some glamour with a nod to Italian design aesthetics, and you can trend it up with metal details and gorgeous colours. Not all storage is to hide your stuff in, but can display it too, and wet bars are a good way to free up some kitchen space by moving glasses and all the party stuff into your bar area.

Credits: Unsplash; Author: @blakewisz;

Cool Lighting - This new trend is about stripping out colour completely, emphasising shape instead. Monochrome spaces, especially in smaller settings gives your eyes the chance to flow through the space without interruption. Lamps made from aluminium and painted in a cool white is an example of this design that could be not just a lamp, but a piece of sculpture too, and ultimately a talking point.

Lighting trends generally imply that the era of the big light is over, and wall and floor lamps are the more important. In addition, funnel lights can create an ideal glow for how we want to live - warm, flattering and sociable, so pick a statement lighting piece that is both functional and decorative.

Curvy chairs and tables – To my mind, nothing is nicer than the feel of a curved armchair that feels like a snug hug! Matched with a round table and a softly curved sofa makes for an inviting social space.


Marilyn writes regularly for The Portugal News, and has lived in the Algarve for some years. A dog-lover, she has lived in Ireland, UK, Bermuda and the Isle of Man. 

Marilyn Sheridan