According to data, the 1,407 lynxes in Spain and the 261 in Portugal are spread over 15 population centres, one of them in Portugal.

The nucleus in Portugal is located in the Vale do Guadiana area and is divided into three subnuclei, Mértola and Serpa (Alentejo) and Alcoutim (Algave).

According to the census, carried out by the environmental authorities of both countries and with the collaboration of non-governmental organizations, Portugal currently has 49 breeding females in the wild, which generated 86 offspring last year.

In Spain, there are six centers in Andalusia, four in Castile La Mancha and another four in Extremadura.

Andalusia (627 individuals, 37.6% of the total number of lynxes), Castile La Mancha (585, 35.0%) and Extremadura (195, 11.7%) are the Spanish autonomous communities with a stable presence of the species.

The ICNF recalls that since the beginning of this century conservation actions have been carried out for the Iberian lynx, thanks to which the population reached 1,000 in 2020.