Currently, the company has five product categories: filigree, bags (for men and women), accessories, ceramics, and handicrafts.

“We make a rigorous selection of our partners, taking into account the design and quality of the products, to guarantee that we offer the best. We have unique pieces, made by hand, avoiding the mass production of products so common when it comes to selling traditional elements of a country. And in filigree, for example, we work with the best national producer - whoever buys from Love It Portugal has this guarantee, this seal of quality”, says António Moreira, founder of the project.

“Love It Portugal is not a souvenir shop. It is a store selling excellent Portuguese products, where you can find pieces of art to decorate the house, earrings to give your wife on a special day, or a bag to creatively complement your summer looks. But you can also find a good and surprising souvenir of Portugal there, of course. Being a multi-category store - unlike most stores that sell traditional products, usually focused on a single product category - we have options for different tastes and for different moments”, says António Moreira.

In the future, in addition to reaching new markets, such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Japan, Love It Portugal also intends to reinforce its offer with new product categories.