The project is part of the Douro European Wine City 2023 program and takes place on the same weekend that Peso da Régua, Vila Real district, hosts commemorations for Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities Day.

The 3rd edition of Douro Wine City is organised by peso da Régua’s council with support from Essência do Vinho, and has about a hundred producers of wine from Porto and the Douro taking part.

Along with wine tasting, over the four days of the event the public can watch various concerts, take part in show cookings by chefs like Hernâni Ermida, Nuno Matos and Luís Américo, or watch “Conversations about Wine” with Manuel Moreira, a wine taster and wine critic for Wine Magazine. These “Conversations” will go over topics such as “The freshness of Altitude Douro,” “At the table with Douro wine,” “Port Wine, tradition and palate mastery,” “Old Vineyards, diving in a universe of emotion,” “How does the National Touriga of the Douro taste?”, “The right food for Port Wine,” “Tasting wines without a secret” and “Variety or blend, soloist or orchestra, the various Douro tonalities.”

According to the organisation, “Ferreirinha” and “Barão de Forrester,” interpreted by actors from the Theatre Group of Peso da Régua Senior University, will feature at the opening ceremony on June 8th, accompanied by Tovatas do Rancho Folclórico e Recreativo de Godim and the Rancho Folclórico de Loureiro, which will together perform three themes related to the Douro.

The event has two stages, an indoor one and another in the square, with acts planned from Chulada da Ponte Velha, Cláudio César Ribeiro Trio, Andor Violeta, Paulo Gomes Duo and Funk Flamenco Quarteto.

On Portugal Day, on the 10th of June, the MA Trio will come to the indoor stage, and afterwards, the fado singer Cláudia Madeira, on the stage in the square outside, finishing with a concert by the Armed Forces Mixed Band on the exterior stage of the Régua auditorium.

On Sunday, the last day of the event, a prize-giving ceremony will happen for the 3rd Douro Wine Competition, promoted by the Douro Wine Confraternity.

Douro Wine City is part of the European Wine City program, which in 2023 placed the spotlight on the whole Douro region and the 19 municipalities that make it up.

The European Wine City programme includes more than 600 activities over the year, encompassing conferences, workshops, shows and wine tastes.